Let me explain…



Hello! This is Sides of Shadows.

Created by an introvert who doesn’t easily open up to others — or litter your social media feeds with innocuous posts about my life — this is another “side” of me that’s been kept in the metaphorical “shadows” for a very long time.

You know that “creative project” I always wished I could’ve started, about 10 years ago? (It’s totally possible you didn’t know, but you can still play along.)

Well, you’re lookin’ at it.

Sides of Shadows is a lifestyle blog that will cover fashion, travel, mental health, the macabre, and more.

It’s a creative outlet to express my personal style, interests, thoughts, and experiences.

…You might be wondering where all of this came from.

I recently turned 29, and realized the only person holding me back from doing what I want… is me. And the only real obstacle I face? That nagging, dissenting, anxious, insecure voice in my head. (You know, the one that says, it’s not even worth trying because you’ll OBVIOUSLY fail miserably and embarrass yourself? …Yeah, that one!)

To protest that super unproductive and dark aspect I’ve always battled with, I chose to make this relatively rash decision — one totally out of my comfort zone.

And it feels sorta cool.

So, for the sake of feeling somewhat unhinged (because I don’t really know what I’m doing), and kind of empowered (because fuck you, anxiety!) … welcome to my blog.

Since I work a pretty demanding job during the week, my goal is to post new, original photos and content weekly.

In the meantime, you should learn a little more about me here.

Hope to see you back!

— Sara

Dress: $9, original $100, 6pm outlet store (but digging this one) Tights: Target, old (these are $10) Shoes: Kohl’s, old (similar here)

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